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  • Best Moroccan Argan Oil, Benefits of Argan Oil

    If you are like me and you absolutely love Argan oil than I have the idea just for you. I use argan oil for just about everything. I use it for my facial skin, the skin for the rest of my body, and for my hair.

     Argan Oil

    The same argan oil that you buy from Morocco is the same argan oil that they sell to you for each part of your body. That is right. The Argan oil for you hair is the same Argan oil that you find in your conditioner, shampoo, and facial product.

    Argan oil is just really amazing. The same Best Moroccan Argan Oil that is pressed from the pits of Argan trees is the same oil that you get when you buy all the various products.

    So what I do is buy the oil in bulk and use it to refill the smaller bottles in my home. I buy pure argan oil and it is dramatically cheaper than buying the same facial argan oil commercial product. The argan oil sold in bulk has no brand so it is a lot cheaper and you are getting it in a larger volume container.

    Its worth doing if you use as much of the oil as I do daily.

    Types of Argan Oil

    Given that the purpose of our blog is to determine what is the best Moroccan argan oil, we need to discuss the different types of argan oil and their purpose. So in the days to come, we will start off with talking about and explaining each type of argan oil and their argan oil benefits and how they work.

    After we lay that foundation, we will begin to review and compare the different argan oil brands so that you can decide what is best for you based on the parts of the body that you want to use it for.

    I hope this will make things easier to understand.

    Argan Oil

    pure Argan Oil

    The wonderful Argan oil is a oil that comes from the Argan tree that is commonly found in Morocco. The climate and soil conditions in Morocco allows the trees to grow nicely which is somewhat ironic since the area is know for its droughts and harsh soil.

    The Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the tree. Growers pick the fruit and then remove the pits. The pit is then dried and pressed to squeeze the oil out.

    The oil is usually sold a pure Argan oil. Those who prefer to use the oil for cooking get a different variation. For cooking, Moroccan slight roast the pits prior to extracting the oil. The result is a different color oil that has a roasted – char taste to it


    Argan oil is composed of several fatty acids: oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic, and linolenic. The largest type of fatty acids in Argan oil is Oleic. Consisting about 42.8%.

    Argan oil has now become an important export item in Morocco. Many Moroccan depend their livelihood to the sale and trade of this amazing cosmetic oil.

    Welcome to best Moroccan Argan Oil! We’ll all heard about the amazing affects of using Moroccan Argan oil on your skin and hair. There are so many different Argan oil product sold at different prices. We will break it all down and explain who sells the best Argan oil on the market.

    Argan Oil Over hundreds of years Argan Oil is known being an very unusual secret along with a natural miracle through the Berber women in The other agents from it for adding nourishment to their skin, hair and nails and safeguarding them in the harsh conditions from the atmosphere. Many above, Argan Oil is regarded as as “miracle liquid gold of Morocco”. Argan oil may be the unique cosmetic product of their type and standard because of its multiple uses. Not one other cosmetic product of these multifarious usage has have you been created.

    Argan oil is fully regarded as to become probably the most natural rarest, precious oils removed in history. According to its rarity and precious, Argan oil is extremely appreciated by Moroccans and natural oil fans and fanatics not just in The other agents but additionally around world. How precious is Argan oil! Really, Argan oil is very precious since it has multiple health advantages. For comprehending the essence of Argan oil to human existence, to begin with you need to know its history, uses and benefits.